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Euphoric Cloud 6ix The Mixtape

Euphoric BWMB Cloud 6ix The Mixtape
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Euphoric Cloud 6ix The Mixtape

Cloud 6ix is name thought up by the rap group, Euphoric. Why Cloud 6ix? We thought it would be a cool way to rep the city of Toronto & bring the music from this scene to a whole upper level.
Cloud 6ix Is Euphorics first debut independent mixtape. This 13 track mixtape is full of high energy bangers consistent through out the mixtape that’ll get you moving. A aggressive delivery approach by Euphoric member Cess & a melodic rap approach From Emi Traplord through out the Mixtape that has a cool unique creative approach to each track. With get in your zone. Nothing but quality music with great production. You won’t want to miss out.

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