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Lil Wayne Says He’s ‘Signed’ With Jay-Z

During his Summer Jam performance last night in Oakland, Lil Wayne made an enthusiastic special announcement to the crowd.

“I just signed a deal with my motherfucking idol, Jay Z,” Wayne said.

What this means is unclear.

Tunechi is obviously trying to get out of his current contract with Cash Money and Birdman. But that legal process has yet to run its course. He also recently joined TIDAL as an artist owner. But one wouldn’t necessarily describe that as “signing” a deal with Jay Z.

Unless there may be something extra to his TIDAL arrangement, as compared to the other artists. Earlier this month,Wayne did drop the track ‘Glory‘ exclusively on TIDAL, and there has been speculation he would be sticking his Free Weezy project on the streaming service. (Which would make it less than “free.”)

Or perhaps he signed a management deal with Roc Nation, which could run concurrent with his Cash Money record deal.

More is sure to come, but it appears HOV may now be a player in Wayne’s battle against Baby.


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