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Artist Services

Music Artist Services
Promote your mixtape, video, single
Mixtape promotion services

Vevo Account Setup $150

Right now we are offering Vevo accounts for Artist’s.
Have your own account with your music videos on Vevo.
Must have at least one Music Video or Lyric Video or Audio Video to open up Vevo account.
Account setup takes 3 to 4 weeks.

Package 60 Day Campaign $1,000.00
Social Media Marketing
Website and Blog features
Vevo account
Artist Development (Artist, Band, DJ, Producer, Songwriter)
Online / College Radio Submission (1,000 Stations)
Music Contacts (A&R, Publishers, Music Supervisors for TV / Film

Mastering & Mixing Services

Mastering involves increasing a song’s volume and using multiple processors to produce a higher quality sound.
AUDIO SERVICES For Independent Artists Musician HipHop Pop EDM Reggae Dancehall Rap RNB Rock
Commercial music is released only after it has been polished and made presentable. Musicians seek this service when they need help editing, tuning, or just “cleaning up” a track. These final touches help create a professional-sounding product.
Priced at: $40 – $70 per song/track
Mixtape or Album 200$ – $400

Pitch correction
The majority of singers rely on digital voice tuning at least to some extent. Even the most famous ones utilise the technology to correct their pitch and make their vocals sound perfect.
Priced at: $60 – $200 per song/track

DESIGN SERVICES For Independent Artists Musician
Mixtape Covers
Sales price: $40 – $100 for back and front
Album artwork
Traditionally, this was created for a CD or record sleeve. Today this is normally done to represent singles, EPs and albums on social networks.
Priced at: $40 to $200
The purpose of a logo is to summarise the entire “personality” of a project into a marketable brand. Priced at: $40-$200
Website Banners Sales price: $25.00 – $300
Youtube & Vevo Channel Art Banner Designs Sales price: $25.00 – $300
Photo editing
This service involves touching up and polishing your client’s photos. Priced at: $10-$20 per photo
Web design
This service involves building an entire website, including both design and development. Priced at: $300-$3000
Electronic press kit and one-sheet
EPK is a pre-packaged compilation of all of a musician’s materials that they send out to promote themselves. One-sheets have a purpose similar to an EPK, but the difference is that a one-sheet is meant to hold all of the information on one page (hence the name). Priced at: $10-$20 per photo

Content distribution

When a band or musician has already created their base content – press releases, reviews, interviews, etc., we now have to find a way for them to distribute all of it to relevant content directories.
Priced at: 150$ – 1000$

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